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  Job Creation – “Government Funding” for  Lost Jobs  

The U.S. Government can float Saving Treasury Bonds for re-starting businesses lost to over-seas competition or companies moving “off-shore or overseas”. U.S. funded companies/businesses created by these bonds would be “Co-operative” and owned by the company workers. These “Co-operative Businesses” could not be sold or bought by other private or public companies. Co-operative businesses would either “make it” or go out of business. However, their employees who would eventually receive retirement would have their Social Security payment somewhat reduced, since the government re-started and bailed out the company. If the amount of pension paid by the co-operative business was low, then the individual would receive a larger percent of Social Security. The money made on interest from these T Bonds could be used to offset Social Security and Medicare funding deficits, and put Americans back to work.

New Business Entities (other than Corporations)

There has to be another form of business entity in the U.S., something other than corporations and private business and that shall be the “Co-operative business organization”. One in which the employees of the co-operative business has both, the idea that each worker owns a portion of the business and secondly, the profits of the business are put into a retirement account specifically for the employees only. However, if the employee has/had a stay-at-home (number of years at home) spouse then the company could elect to pay out some benefits to the spouse. Once the individual of that particular co-operative business dies or the retirement account is paid out, then that portion/percentage of the co-operative business would be available for other members of the co-operative business organization. Any unused funds in the retirement account, due to death, revert back to the business and that part of the percent of interest of the individual will also revert back to the business. 

New U.S. Home Loan Policy 

No more amortized mortgage loans; amortized loans take away from individual buying power of home owners. This would also revitalize the home sales market and the U.S. new-home construction business. This would also help home owners near or in foreclosure and keep home owners from being “under-water”. Interest payments would be divided evenly over the number of total payments. Banks neither create or make any products/wealth/durable goods or contribute to the domestic durable product (GDP) or provide recurring service (banks produce no goods and only limited service). Banks develop/arrange loans for mortgages using other people's money or corporations’ profits. Banks for too long have taken advantage of home owners by allowing amortized loans and the Federal Government should have done something sooner to overcome this inequity. Banks in recent times have only made things more difficult for the American home owner. Therefore it is time to eliminate amortized home loans. The Federal Government could float U.S. Saving T Bonds (Mortgage Bonds) to initially develop funds for home mortgages and money made on interest from mortgages to offset Social Security and/or Medicare. Again, with this 2nd new Government policy, the government would have a second program to offset the Social Security/Medicare deficit and put Americans back to work. 

Tax and Revenue Reform Act/Bill 

Corporate/Business Tax = Percentage of (Government Expenditures)/GDP is approximately 33%. So, tie the corporate tax rate to Government spending and use the percentage of all/total Government Expenditures (not just the planned Government Budget Proposal) divided by the Gross Domestic Product as the new corporate tax rate. Tax on corporations, companies, corporate investments, equal to same percentage as (Government Expenditures / Total GDP). The more government spending without an increase in GDP, the more corporate tax rate would rise. As the government spends more money, maybe the business community can hold down government spending. Most government spending goes to big companies, so as government spending goes up, the income of corporate businesses goes up. Therefore, it should be fair that their tax rate also increases. 

Individual Federal Income Tax = 8 to 12 Percent – Flat Rate Tax - No income tax on individuals or families below the defined “poverty level”.
     Individuals making above 2 million would incur increased tax rate % to that of Congressional spending (anything above 2 million or 5 million or some agreed amount). This includes the same % tax on commercial/private rental income, personal income, sports income, lottery winning and winning on gambling, inheritance, business investment, illegal activities, prostitution, and/or other methods of making over 2 million dollars a year.
     If corporations are making money (above some defined amount, i.e. 2-5 million dollars) by investing in the stock market, rental income, property, or any method other than in their manufacturing specialty or companies they own with other manufacturing specialty; rather than paying the corporate tax rate, the corporation would pay the rate as the percentage of Cogressional spending. The idea behind this tax rate is for corporations to stick to what they do best and not speculate in other markets, causing these markets to fluctuate up-down without a reason other than the speculation in the market.

Health Care Program or the “American Total Health Plan”

Federal Government to collect the percentage approximately equal to 1/10 the person's age + 3% based on total yearly income (up to 2 million dollars) on all individuals (working or retired, until death) above the age of 19, in the U.S. and all territories for medical, health, hospital, drug coverage, mental health, dental, insurance. 

4% to 8% for a non-working spouse or any family member residing in house depending on age. 

4% for each child (maximum 18%) until children enter college or work, or until age 19. 

Individuals going to college will be covered until high-school graduation or 19 years old whichever is first, but yearly premium deficit to be made up by adding 1% each year to an individual health care account until amount of unpaid % is made up (Example: 5 years in college or trade school or medical school) 4% x 5years = 20%. Therefore, 20 years of 1% additional yearly wages). 

Individuals who are accident-prone, unlucky, have-had unusually many hospital stays (drugs, fights, engage in risky behavior, engage in dangerous sports-activities, or smoke, etc., all pay a higher percentage of income. 

All people with jobs, part-time or full time, pay the required percentage, regardless of the amount of income until 90 years of age. 

Medicaid to be eliminated when new health care bill is signed into law. 

Medicare to be phased out, and all new people entering work force would be under new system. 

Government to collect monies (insurance premiums) but 3rd party companies (usually administered by CPAs and/or private companies) pay for doctors, hospitals, medicine, specific health care, etc. No need for private insurance companies, except for individuals who want additional private insurance, and private insurance would be the primary insurance carrier. 


This would eliminate the need for the Anti-Trust exemptions legislation for Health Insurance companies which currently allows them to collude in setting prices and coverage. 

System of 3rd party administrators (new companies could form and paid by the US Government) are like the FRS (Federal Reserve System). There would be 3 tiers of administration. 

1st tier is to approve coverage, doctor's cost, hospital cost, emergency treatment, etc. and paying of medical coverage (many 1st tier offices (mainly accounts and bookeepers) needed to pay claims/bills of doctors, hospitals).

2nd Tier (regional) organization would make decisions on abnormal treatment that would be needed while possible using the Air Force Reserve and National Guard to fly/move patients across country (if needed), This tier would also decide where individuals would be sent and the best possible place (hospital/medical facility) for treatment (cancer, burn victims, trasnplants, etc.).

3rd Tier (one place in one city made up of many experienced professionals) to set policy, appeals, payments amounts to doctors, hospitals, medicine and settle disputes. This tier also acts as a clearing court for disputes and challenges to coverage/benefits.

This 3-tier approach would take individuals out of the payment process eliminating haggling with doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, etc. 

Products (medicines, serums, drugs, etc.) and services involved in health care can no longer be delivered, manufactured or produced by publicly traded companies. If you are in the health business then you are out of the stock market. 

 Health Insurance administered for individuals by group of independent professionals and not through current insurance companies. Premiums would be based on life-style and basic health standards, i.e. smoking, overweight, high blood pressure, illegal drug use, excessive alcohol use would be more costly.

 Health Care solutions must include Tort Reform that limits liability for pain and suffering. This cuts malpractice premiums and reduces the cost of needless “Defensive” tests. The law should allow posting of local prescription drug prices on the Internet so that people can shop for the lowest price. Encourage the medical industry to digitize medical records to reduce paperwork related costs.

Residential/Industrial Energy Crash Program for Fusion Power
Comprehensive Energy Policy - A Manhattan Type Project – A Crash Program for the Development of Fusion Energy for residential/industrial AC electrical power. This would foster many new Jobs for this new technolog
Development of Fusion Technology of AC Power within the ten years, for Home, Industry and Business
Byproduct of Fusion Power is Hydrogen and Helium.
Use of Hydrogen Fuel for Motorized Cars for 0 input of CO2 within next 15 years


Initiative to Reduce Hydrocarbon Fuel & New Transportation Policy
Limit the Speed of Motorized Cars and Trucks. No personal or corporate vehicle (truck or car) of any type can go faster than 90 mph.
The acceleration is not limited, but there will be a new additional annual revenue tax that is proportional to size of engine.
Taxes on Sizes of Engines – Less yearly tax or no tax for small size (small CC or ci engine) vehicles
Limit on the number of electric cars, the nation's electrical grid can not take the stress from the additional load.
Need more hybrid cars and eventually hydrogen powered cars.
Limit of only one 8 cylinder engine per family/individual - All second family vehicles are to be 4 cylinders or small block design and no additional tax imposed.
Penalties (increase in corporate taxes) on manufacturers who don't meet standards on size and economy of
vehicle produced immediately, not in some future date, which is now the current policy.

American Energy Policy

Solar and/or Wind Power generation - in all homes (where feasible & possible) valued above 2 million dollars or some determined amount- to be converted and working within reasonable installation time after bill is signed into law. If not installed, property tax is doubled the first year and tripled the second year, etc.

Have each of the lowest energy efficiency AC power coal generating plant within each electric corporation system, to convert to either natural gas, solar, wind, nuclear or a combination of these; or pay a special energy inefficiency tax. Ex: like pay twice the corporate income tax.

All new electric generating plants are to be nuclear powered and are required in to be a safe geological zone. Find natural/geological sound storage facilities designated for nuclear waste. 

Development of natural geological thermal energy and development of sun focal generation. 

Implement the Pickens Plan for 18 wheel trucks, i.e. the use of natural gas or LPG for 18 wheeled tractor/trailers for fuel instead of diesel or gasoline. Thus reducing the need of refined crude oil by 33% per day and keeping more money in the U.S. economy.

Environmental Clean-Up   

Implement CO2 cleanup.

Scrap the policy of Cap &Trade, which is unfair to the less economically developed countries. Rich companies paying some amount of money to get to dump more CO2 is unfair.

All inventions that could increase MPH for vehicles bought by oil companies and the oil/auto industry in previous years to be evaluated by federal government for re-introduction into the manufacturing process and used by automobile manufacturers for better gas mileage and for the reduction of dependence on foreign oil. Individuals who have been paid for such patents and have a non-disclosure agreement would be exempt from prosecution because info would be going only to the Federal Government. A law would be passed to allow for the government to have approved patents introduced into the manufacturing process or have a special law requiring such approved patent devices to be implemented by auto manufacturers. Inventors whose patents would be approved for manufacturing would receive some additional payment based on the number of units produced and implemented by energy and automobile manufacturers and paid for by the manufacturers. 


Change in Stock Investments Policy

Stock investment policy change on investing in the stock market, bond market and futures market: no derivatives, no credit default swaps, no selling short.

There shall be a new law passed so there would be a minimum time to hold bought stock, gradually extended to a 5 day period to buy/sell or sell/buy stock or futures. Gradually changing investment time to achieve a 5 day investing period on stocks and bonds. Stocks bought on a Monday of one week could not be sold until the following Monday. If a particular stock was sold on Monday by a corporation or individual, than it could not be bought until the following Monday. This would start within the first week after bill is past. After bill is signed initially, one would have to wait 2 hours to sell the stock (# of shares) after stock is bought in the first week. Then in the 2nd week, the time to hold stock after bought would be 4 hours; after 3rd week it would be 6 hours, etc. until the investing period of 5 days (120 hours) would be reached. Total time to reach this 5 day minimum investment period would be 60 weeks (about 14 months). 

New U.S. Monetary Policy; Amount of Money in Circulation

Amount of money in circulation is no longer based on the good faith & credit worthiness of the U.S. government.
How much money is in circulation = to the amount of goods & services produced in the U.S. (GDP not GNP). On a daily basis the amount would be divided by 365.
This would represent how money is put into circulation and how money is taken out of circulation.
The amount of personal credit issued through credit cards would be part of paper money in circulation and the total that could issued and all credit is part of circulated currency.
Money (paper or credit) would also be taken out of circulation as value of goods depreciated over time. Total time of depreciation of any products (cars, household items, machinery, etc.) would be 10 years.


Crash Program for new Jobs

Immediate need to find another earthy planet in our solar system for colonization via astronomy.
Develop/invent method to trek to new-founded planet, or create system to terraform Mars. A place for a segment of the population to trek to should a world disaster occur (Meteor collision with earth or Yellowstone erupts).
Secondly, a design plan to increase the nation’s water-ways. Design/build water routes from Houston to California, Houston to North Dakota - New water-ways from New Orleans to Minnesota (fix the snaking Mississippi River) a water-way from St Petersburg, Florida to Georgia and to North Carolina/Carolinas. This would provide an efficient way to move cargo, less energy than to move goods by truck and less money going to foreign countries for fuel. Or desing/plan/ to increase the current Intercostal Waterway to include these areas of the country.
Get 18 wheelers off long haul travel and use airships and modern rail to carry cargo.

18 wheelers only in right land and never in left lane on three lane interstate highways.
Trucking companies to use platooning system to deliver goods across country to eliminate 18 wheeler accidents and wrecks.  


U.S. Farm subsidies to major Agriculture Corporations are Terminated 

Paying large agriculture corporations not to grow crops in order to maintain/stabilize crop prices is to be stopped. Companies and farmers are to grow what they can/must/need and the government to maintain stable/fair crop prices will give/send surplus crops to needy nations and see that the food is actually given (not sold) to needy people. 


New Rules for Congress

Term limits (12 years max for Representative) and/or (two terms for Senators) and they would receive a pension and no social security (SS). If high income representatives at retirement have income above $300,000 (or determined by Congress), then these Congressmen would not receive retirement income or retirement payments. (This act/rule will also be retro-active for other Congressmen receiving retirement or SS payments) This is the part where Congressional representatives are truly going to “Give back” to the system and “Give back” to the people they represent, as so often receited by our Congressial representatives. 

Congress, the President, Department Secretaries, U.S. Justices and all government workers are to have the same health care plan as any other American. 

No more automatic wage increase for Congress or any member of the Federal Government. 

Corporate America has the right to manufacture anything – Congress has the right and ability to tax any manufactured good to either increase or decrease production. 

Congress now has ability/technology to vote (pass/reject bills) by smart cell phone, therefore no quorum is needed to pass bills. All bills will be voted on by Congress, no more having bills being passed over or quashed because they lack a quorum. Any bill not having 100% of members of Congress voting on it, automatically comes up for voting 3 weeks later and simple majority of members voting on the bill would either pass or fail into law. Then there could be a bill that passes Congress with only 2%, 3%, 50% or 99%, of Congress voting on the bill, the second time the bill comes up for voting. (Welcome to the New Congress of the 21st century). 

Rules and procedures of Congress reexamined and not automatically tied to rules according to Robers/ Hoyle.

Eliminate the filibuster in the Senate. (This is a procedure designed long ago, either by little children and/or little minds and has to be changed, because with no change comes no progress and Congress needs a lot of progress). 

Congressional Reform 

Reform method of distributing campaign contributions to include all candiates in all Federal elections. Equal amount for all candiates running for Federal office.
Place reforms on congressional lobbyists. No lobbists to meet with Congressional member except during business hours at Congressional offices. (New way for the provizzari to make money and provide "check and balance" on a broken system.

Change the method by which the president is chosen by each political party and the removal of the Electoral College, which is the process that actually elects the president. Therefore, no president elected with less than a majority of the vote. This could require a run-off election for President, like all other Congressional positions. No current Congressional rep to run for President or other Fedeal position without first resigning their position. Possibly make the requirement to have the president hold a major position of management in a state government or large coporation, large private business or large Co-Operative Organization.

Reform the way the Secretary of State is picked and time in office to a 14, or 18, or 21, year term. This would give foreign countries the confidence and stability knowing the history of the Secretary and developing the confidence in trusting the U.S. Secretary of State. This would benefit the U.S. as well as other foreign countries knowing they have the ability to talk to someone that has some experience, some specific knowledge and some commitment in solving a particular international problem. 

Limit the time of Supreme Court Justices can serve (Max 30 years) and mandatory age retirement at age 70, whichever is first. 

The idea of “one bill for one idea”, eliminates the idea of quid pro quo in making laws and pork-belly projects and special additions/rules/money added to bills and eliminates the need for the “Line Item Veto”. Instill the concept of “One idea - One bill”....with funding and method to enforce bill included in each new bill/proposal. 

Congress should amend the Ethics Reform Act of 1989 to remove the automatic Cost of Living (COLA) pay increases for Congress. In order for Congress to initiate pay increase they must bring a Bill to the floor for passage, also have an approved Federal budget, and any pay increase will not take effect until the next Congress. 

Fix National Disgrace Problems  

Iraqi Contractors that abused the system and appropriate money illegally put on trial. 

Legalized marijuana but not other drugs, huge loss in government revenue. 

Only people in prison should be the violent criminals and those that use guns to commit a crime.

Eliminate the census, since Congress is capped at 435 house members. Use the income tax form and information within the new flat rate income tax form to create/establish/redefine districts and apportionment. 

Benevolent dictator to be found to run both countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Transportation Policy 

The government to develop high speed rail from New York, to Boston, to Baltimore and not allow air transportation between these distances to eliminate the crowded airways and allow the long distance air transportation to increase. 

Air carriers that have hubs in the U.S. must also have maintenance in the U.S. and separate U.S. carriers from over-seas carriers. 

FAA is out of the air control industry and it becomes private. The new FAA would set and make policy and enforce the regulations, but not be involved in the daily activities of providing air control.

Campaign Contributions Change or Political Funding Change 

All campaign contributions go into a general fund to be distributed equally to all candidates on the ballot. Since the FCC regulates the air waves and makes/writes policy, any organization, or political party, or any action committee that declares via a particular advertisement, spot, or commercial, that supports a particular candidate on any channel, TV station, or radio station, then all other candidates will have the opportunity to have its advertisement broadcasted or transmitted at the same time and day as the first advertisement and at no cost to the other candidates. This will be done as equal opportunity policy and equal speech policy. This would also eliminate the requirement of not having the financial resources to respond to other candidates’ claims or positions and be good for the democratic principle, democratic process and open the idea of competition in American politics.


U.S. Fair Trade Policy not Free Trade

Develop even balance of trade (fair trade not free trade) with China, Japan, India, etc. Too many U.S. dollars are leaving this country.

Fair trade not Free Trade - Maybe even quota system on certain products – Establish "Even Balance of Trade" or "Favorable Balance of Trade".




New Congressional Policy or Constitutional Issues

No more electoral college for selection of President, President elected directly from popular vote.

Change the way U.S. senators are elected.

No more primary elections by states, but general election for all parties and independents.

Repeal the 12th amendment to the constitution.

Supreme Court judges’ tenure limited to 35 years or age 70, whichever is first.

Secretary of State extended to a period of 14 or 18 or 21 years. Candidate selected by Senate and voted into office by House of Representatives. Keep this position from being a purely political appointment and the likelihood of replacing this international position with a new person every 4 years along with new beliefs, ideas attitudes and prejudices. Foreign countries need to know the U.S. Secretary of State is someone they can respect, a person with a world “right view”, a person they would come to know and trust, one who would not play one country against another for political reasons.

Impose tax penalties for every American job sent off-shore. Stop Off-Shoring Jobs. American multi-national corporations to stop sending jobs offshore. We should also encourage Shareholders and Boards of Directors to help sustain the U.S. economy by building more manufacturing plants in the U.S. and put Call Centers for service-calls in America and tax companies extra who use “Off-shore personnel”.

Redistribute the federal tax on gasoline from the individual users to the oil/gasoline companies which in 2011 was about 18.4 cents a gallon.

Allow for the construction of new gasoline refineries in the United States, there had been no approval of gasoline refineries in the last 25 (Garyville, Louisiana was the last in ------) years.

Make legislation to prohibit the attachment of unrelated riders to bills. Any amendments must fit within the scope and object of the original bill.

Make legislation to require that the Congressional Record contain an accurate record of proceedings. Members of Congress are not to be permitted to rewrite the speeches delivered during the course of debates, or other remarks offered from the floors of their respective houses; nor may any additional materials be inserted in the Record, except those referred to in the speaker's presentation and for which space is reserved.

Election reform with open primaries, ballot access to third party candidates and independents, eliminate Gerrymandering and Electorate Recall vote to remove legislators in their respective state.


Enact Reciprocal Trade Laws

International free trade is only good if it is “fair trade” when all countries conduct such trade by the same rules. The U.S. trade deficit sends much of America’s wealth to foreign countries since many of them engage in unfair unilateral trade practices that include adding numerous Tariffs, Port of Entry Taxes and Import Duties on American products. Congress should enact laws that Reciprocate (Copy) those fees on products from each country that exports to the U.S. This will level the playing field since countries will then pay the same fees imposed on U.S. products.  

Government Employees Should Not be Unionized

Unions have created a divisive dynamic within government agencies which should be accountable to the people alone. A government of the people, by the people and for the people should not be compromised by special interests.



New Truth in Advertisement Law 

“Free” shall mean free in all commercial TV/Radio/Internet advertisements. If the word “free” is mentioned for any service, then it will be free and no money shall ever change hands. “Free” means free and also not charging for shipping or charging for samples sent for “trial period”. Companies can't charge for shipping for a sample that is sent using the words “free sample”, since sometimes the shipping costs are the cost of the sample plus shipping, handling & profit so this practice shall be eliminated.

Immigration Policy & U.S. Citizenship Policy 

All immigrants (non-legals) to register within 90 days, all non registered immigrants after 90 days take their chance. 

All companies to assure that no illegal immigrants are working in their company; penalty for this oversight or mistake would equal twice their normal corporate income tax. 

All illegal employees will be fined at twice the annual salary of the illegal employed person. 

Illegals found randomly are arrested/fined and sent back to naturalized country and each country is fined for each illegal person. 

All new illegals are sent to a holding camp until returned to their naturalized country. 

A governmental determination will be made on how many legal immigrants will be granted U.S. citizenship based on number registered vs. the number of illegal residents. 

All newborns in the U.S. are citizens only if at least one of their parents are U.S. citizens – New U.S. Policy. 

Mexican President and Government to issue statement about new immigration policy to the U.S.

All money orders, Western Union transfers or bank wire transfers to Mexico, South America, Canada or other foreign countries by illegal immigrants, are to stopped (temporarily until U.S. gets a handle on illegals). Individuals must obtain federal certificate in order to send money overseas via money order, bank wire transfers or Western Union money transfer or at Wal-Mart or by any other method. 

Federal and State prisoners (non-violent individuals only, Ex: Bernie Maydoff) to be used in agriculture and where illegal immigrants are being employed to keep food prices at a current level. But understand that only 2% of immigrants are being employed as migrant workers to pick/cultivate U.S. crops and work in agriculture. 



No Automatic Citizenship for Children of Illegal Immigrants 

Support the “Birthright Citizenship Act of 2009” (H.R.1868) that rejects the concept of giving automatic citizenship to children of illegal aliens who are born within U.S. borders. 

The U.S. Government shall use all legal means under current Federal Law(s) to protect our borders, halt illegal immigration, deport illegal aliens who are caught and fully prosecute companies that knowingly hire them.

No federal or state funds should be used to provide health care (except in cases of emergency), social services and education benefits for illegal aliens or their children. Safe haven cities should lose Federal funding and be prosecuted. Illegal aliens shall not be granted drivers licenses nor have the right to vote in any local, state or federal elections.


New Public Policies 

No on the job training in critical and safety positions (this includes private, public and government). 

Any company selling any type of insurance (home, auto, personal), banks, investment firms, mortgage companies, can not sell, issue or trade stocks privately or to the public, nor can the company be or have independent broker to purchase stocks. 

No company can take out an insurance policy on its employees. 

Can fix almost all corruption problems in any police department: All new officers to have a college education. All officers to have 30 hours of approved continuing education a year. After two years on force, all officers are to attend a national academy given by the federal government. All salaries to be compensated depending of area (city) and crime rate. Every officer is to have only one bank account and the account able to be monitored by IA (spouse to have only one checking account to monitored by IA. IA to conduct sting operation on its officers. Federal government to conduct sting operations on local police departments and IA units. All officers are to be aware of possibility of being target of sting. Any officer caught in sting is dismissed immediately and put on trial. Any person convicted of killing an officer (including rent-a-cop) in the line of duty receives the death penalty automatically.   


Professional Organizations Requirements

No professional organization is to have over 1/3 of its members be of that particular profession. (Ex: 1 of 3, or 3 or 10 can be of the same profession). Others on the professional board are made-up of other professions and lay people and/or clergy. These professional organizations include medical, doctors, engineering, legal, psychological, and any professional organization that have a review board or ethics board.

Individuals seeking employment and asked to submit for any (drug, physical, psychological) testing shall be able to get his/her results (scoring) for each particular test that is administered. This would be for any national company in any state or any organization with companies in more than two states.

The use of the word “free” shall be granted the meaning of the word in any advertisement (paper, intent, email, TV, radio, etc.), that is, free means no payment, interest, tax, etc. of any monies at anytime (past, present, future) for products, trails, books, medicine, prescriptions, etc. The public will not be asked in any way to sign away the rights to free products.

All government agencies will respond to or answer to all formal inquires by National/U.S. new agencies when there are possible violations/problems concerning health, safety, environmental, or policy issues set by that government agency. The agency will not respond by saying “they have no comment”.

The internet shall not publish a person’s age, to do so would mean a felony crime. All information shall make no mention of age. No date(s) to establish a person age will be tolerated. (Ex: the date the person graduated from high school or college). This is to stop age discrimination in job hiring.

Make Social Security & Medicare solvent and use the new Federal Home Loan Program (no amortized loan) profits and the Co-Operative Business Organization loan profits to support SS and Medicare.

Let retired people choose between staying on Medicare or converting to new national American Total Health Plan......... Health Care supplemented with funding from government home loans (no amortized home loans). 


President to Immediately Enact the following Policies (mandates)

1 – National Employee Work Hour Bill --Every employer/company with over three employees in a major city that has a traffic problem during rush hour is to institute a new work reporting policy, changing reporting/arrival time (hence quitting time) from 8:00 am to:
  having 1/3 of the employees to report at 7:30am, 1/3 reporting at 8:00am, and 1/3 reporting at 8:30am in order to reduce      
  traffic,  travel time, gas consumption and reducing CO2 in the atmosphere.
  Companies to comply or have their income tax doubled the first year, tripled the second year, etc.

  If this would not substantially reduce the rush hour then cities would institute the reporting time to 1/3 personnel reporting at 
  7:00am, 1/3 personnel reporting at 8:00am and 1/3 personnel reporting at 9:00am.


2 - National Solar/Wind Power Generation Policy - in all homes valued above 2 million dollars and based on size and where effective – to have their electrical power supplemented with solar or wind or both and for this policy to be implemented within reasonable installation time after the bill is signed, thus helping to reduce the amount of required hydrocarbon fuel, money sent to foreign countries for fuel and the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. If upgrade is not accomplished, the homeowner’s first year's income tax is double, the second year's income tax is tripled, the third year tax is quadrupled, etc.

3 - 90 MPH Max - National Auto Speed Policy- Speed Governors on engines on all auto vehicles. Limiting the speed of all motorized cars, trucks and commercial trucks, to go no faster than 90 mph. This would reduce the effect of CO2 on the atmosphere and reduce the need for gasoline and money sent to foreign countries. This policy would show other countries that the U.S. is willing to provide the leadership needed to help overcome “global warming” and rising CO2 levels.

4 - National Electric Efficiency Policy – Invoke special energy efficiency policy on electric companies on their most inefficient plant. If the lowest energy efficiency plant is not upgraded/modernized by converting to natural gas, or solar or wind power within a stated reasonable time, then an increase in corporate income tax would apply. Companies could elect not to upgrade, but first-year income taxes would double, second year taxes would triple, etc.


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